Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2014

Reason why you should Shop Thrift - Why is Thrift Stores a Great Spot to Shop?

As an avid music shopper myself, I can't assist but advocate the great advantages to shopping secondhand. Many people are deterred from music stores because of the strange odor and the overcrowded racks, but if you act like you can look past which and press forward, you will learn to see why thrift shops are great place to shop. Here are some reasons why:


Whenever you visit thrift stores you are certain to find a bargain. Whether a person shop at main flow stores like Goodwill or if your local community thrift store, the price of are typically much lower than in normal retail stores. With the $25 or even more you spend on one shirt in the mall, you can purchase multiple t-shirts, or maybe even an outfit through the thrift store. And even though items are secondhand, many of the goods are in great condition along with very little noticeable wear. You may also be lucky enough to find a couple of items with price tags nevertheless on them. I once discovered a brand new (price tag nevertheless on) grey and dark Anne Klein Blazer, which could retail anywhere from $65-$100, with regard to $4. 59. If that's not really a bargain, I don't know what exactly is!

One of a kind finds

Since products from thrift stores tend to be donated from various families kemeja pria branded murah, they tend to carry a variety of styles and designs from different designers. Due to this, they are able to offer a unique stock of items that regular shops may not offer. At music stores, you can buy one of type items and not worry about another person having or wearing exactly the same thing. Since these resale stores can carry anything through vintage to new products, you can find items that fit your personal unique style regardless of the present trend, thus making you be noticeable even more. Plus, it feels very good to know that when someone requires you where you got individuals trendy threads, you can proudly tell them "thrift store" understanding that you have a one of a kind look in that the chances that it will be cloned are slim to non-e.

Goes to a good cause

In case you start to shop at music stores it won't take really miss you to see that many of them assistance meaningful causes. Whether it is a business that helps feed the desolate, one that provides services with regard to battered woman, or one which finds homes for creatures, good causes always appear to be connected to thrift stores. Simply last year the nonprofit, Assisting Hands of Rockmart, GEORGIA was able to supply over 53 needy families with meals daily with the proceeds from their own thrift store. Even for-profit thrift stores like Buffalo grass Exchange, like to give back towards the community. Buffalo Exchange operates a campaign in which they provide the 5 cents that could normally be used for a products bag, to a charity from the customer's choice. In doing this they have got raised nearly $550, 000 to give towards local non-profits. So whatever the mission might be, by choosing to shop at a music store you are supporting a great cause and who does not want to be a part of that?

What exactly makes thrift shopping therefore awesome? It's inexpensive, you will potentially become the owner of numerous one of a kind finds, and if you're supporting a great cause, in addition it's a whole lot of enjoyable too!

Jumat, 03 Oktober 2014

No Differentiation, No Brand: 5 Questions That Zero in on Your Point of Difference

Launching the next never-seen-before category buster? Brand differentiation is probably not a problem.

But more likely, you're in an industry - business services? plumbing gaskets? - with dozens of competitors all offering pretty much the same thing. Setting yourself apart from the crowd is a huge challenge. But it's the best sort of challenge, because it forces you to drill down to the fundamentals of your business strategy.

To get started, here are 5 key questions that should help you locate your most compelling point of brand differentiation:

1. What can we do that no one else in our industry is doing? Identify the products, skills, capabilities, expertise and knowledge that are yours alone and give you your competitive edge. If you don't have any, it's time to get some. Look for service and operational advantages as well as product offerings.

2. What customer problems do we have a unique or superior solution for? Figuring out what the customer's problem is - that's the real key to brand building. Don't assume. Ask, and ask again. And don't restrict yourself to surface-level business issues. Also think about the human motivations and needs of the people you're working with. Your customers' pain points are not always where you expect them to be.

3. What unique ways are there to present or deliver our products and services?Sometimes differentiation can come more in the packaging and delivery than the product itself. Sometimes it's not really your product that matters cetak kartu nama murah online. It's how your customers experience their interaction with your company in total. Which leads us to...

4. How can we create a customer experience that is like no other? Put yourself in your customers' shoes. What could you do to make them feel great, in a unique or unexpected way? Are there practices or techniques you could borrow (okay, steal) from other industries? Are there current best practices in your own organization that you can push to the next level?

5. How can our brand personality set us apart from the crowd? No, companies aren't people. But a strong brand personality can change everything about how customers relate to your brand - for better or worse. Or you can have a bland, diffuse or absent brand personality, in which case nobody will notice or remember you. Don't make the mistake of confusing your brand's personality with customer personas, or worse, your CEO's personality. Think about the style, tone of voice and attitude of all your personal interactions with customers.